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Are you a man who loves a good fight? Do you enjoy getting in there and sweating it out man to man against your opponent, or do you prefer to keep your hands clean and just watch the match on the tube? Whichever way you prefer it; there is something innately human about a well-played fight that just can’t be denied. Well, now you can have all the action and excitement of a first row seat at the match when you visit Mansion Casino UK and play our top-notch Knockout casino game online today! It’s just as exciting as the real thing, you can make a profit from sitting on your rear, and you won’t have to fight with other cars for a parking spot! Give it a shot now.

How to Play Knockout

  • Start playing Knockout by choosing which fighter you want to be today. Both are big, built men with a mean looking disposition, so you can’t really go too wrong with whichever one you choose! The remaining fighter will become your opponent.
  • You need to put down a wager. There are various amounts to choose from, and you can easily opt for the minimum if you are worried about going over your budget. With the turnover and lowball minimum, you’ll be able to play for a long time without even noticing a thing.
  • Now is a fun part of the game. You get to decide where to land your punches. Are you an upper cut kind of guy or do you like to aim low? There are five possibilities to choose from, and each one comes with its odds of winning. go high either to the left or the right, go for the ribs, also left or right, or aim for the solar plexus for the real death punch!
  • Once you’ve made all your selections, you can press PUNCH! This will start the boxing match in all its action. Were you able to Knockout your opponent? That’s great! Now you reset up your players, and start the thrilling fight all over again.
  • The winning amount will be displayed on the screen, and you can see your total value changing accordingly.

Play Knockout Now!

Are you the champion fighter you have always dreamed of being? Well, now you can be thankful to this fantastic arcade game online from our platform! Get into the gambling mode at our number one casino online, and play Knockout today!