Play Pinball Roulette Online at Mansion Casino UK

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If you’re looking for some fun and fast paced action with lots of potential rewards – as well as a game that draws on classic games but is a little bit different – take a look at Pinball Roulette at Mansion Casino UK today. A unique mix of pinball and Roulette, this online arcade game is so full of rewards, and you can enjoy a state of the art online casino games experience every time you log in and play. If you decide to open an internet casino account with us and play real money Pinball Roulette game today, you can also boost your bankroll before you even hit the tables, with an exclusive Welcome Bonus of up to £200.

Real Money Pinball Roulette

When you play Pinball Roulette UK online casino game, you will see that the game is a clear mix of pinball and slots. And unlike other Roulette variations, there is no wheel. Instead, there’s a line of coloured numbers across the bottom of your screen, which will slide across to the left as you play. There is a ball bearing in play that jumps around your screen as though it’s on a pinball machine, which will eventually drop into one of the coloured numbered slots. This is the outcome of the game and if any of your bets contain this number, you will collect winnings – virtual chips in free games, or actual cash in real money games. Our online casino games are available to play around the clock, with free games and real money games on offer every day of the year, for true convenience. So no matter how busy your schedule, you can always enjoy your favourite form of online casino entertainment.

How to Play

To get started, log in to your Mansion Casino UK account, and head to the lobby to select Pinball Roulette from the selection of online arcade games on offer. Alternatively, open an account by filling out the web form, make your first deposit, and then hit the tables. Start playing Pinball Roulette by clicking on the chips to set your bet amount, and then place your bets on the betting area – each click on the area will add another chip. You can place several bets during this game, just like any other version of Roulette, and you will be paid out on every winning bet. When you are happy with your bets and bet amount, click on the Play button and watch as the Pinball Roulette screen kicks into action. The ball bearing will bounce around your screen, with the game ending only when it drops into one of the numbered slots.