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If Spin a Win looks familiar, then it’s probably because this game plays an awful lot like the standard online casino roulette. What’s the difference? Well, not much unless you factor in the colours, and the different range of betting options. But then again, isn’t that really the only difference between most online casino games? Oh well; if you enjoy the action and excitement that goes into a good round of roulette, then you’ll also love playing our latest feature Spin a Win! Take this wheel for a spin.

How to Play Spin A Win

Ok, so right off the bat, you’ll see a lot of aesthetic differences between this and a roulette game. For starters, a roulette wheel is a solid pattern of black and red, while the Spin a Win online arcade game has loads of colours screaming out at you. Red, orange, yellow, green and blue play significant and individual roles during these rounds, so pay attention to the changing hues. The numbers are also different on this wheel. Here you can find numbers from one to 24, and the entire wheel is broken up into sections based on the colours. The first section, 1 through 7, is the red section. The green section consists of 8 through 13. Blue comes up next, covering the 14-18 digits, with yellow close behind tagging 19-22 for itself. The only things left are the 23 and 24 slots, and these are covered in orange, the most lucrative colour of them all (at least in this game it is!)

Spin A Win By Combining Your Bets

Now that you have the colour break down visually, you can turn your attention over to the betting area on the right. This section gives you the various payouts for the difference wagers that you can make. As you can see, there are solid colour wagers like red, which will pay out 3.3 or blue that delivers a 4.6 repay. Then things start to really heat up when you begin mixing the colours. These combos will pay out differently because there is a greater likelihood that you’ll get at least one of the two of the colours out of the five.

Of course, you can always stick with simpler bets like single number wagers (very risky, very lucrative) or odds and evens bets. These are easier to understand, and they might appeal to a beginner punter over the more complicated Spin a Win wagers. Whichever way you like to play, we’re here to make it happen, so let’s start spinning those wins now!