How to play roulette: a quick guide to this casino favourite

How to play roulette: a quick guide to this casino favourite

Originating in 18th-century France, roulette is an iconic casino game. Nowadays, you can enjoy this table classic from the comfort of your own home on a screen at an online casino. If you’ve never played before, we’re here to tell you the ins and outs so you can join in the fun. 

Understanding roulette

Few games offer the timeless appeal of roulette. Essentially, this game is all about spinning a wheel and anticipating where the ball will land. Here are some of the key components: 

  • The wheel: This is divided into numbered pockets. Depending on the variant there will be 0 to 36 or 00 to 36. The wheel is spun in one direction and the ball in the other. When momentum is lost, the ball comes to rest in one of the pockets.  
  •  The betting table: This is where players place their bets. There is a grid of numbers as well as additional betting options like red/black or odd/even, etc. 
  • Types of bets: Inside bets are specific numbers or groups of numbers. Outside bets are on a larger group, including red/black or dozen bets. 
  • Variations: There are three main variations – European, American, and French.  
Variant Number of ZerosUnique features 
European1Better odds for players, common in Europe 
American 2 (single zero and double zero)Higher house edge, common in America 
FrenchSpecial rules like ‘la partage’ and ‘en prison’ 

How to play roulette step-by-step

Here’s how to play roulette: 

Step 1: Learning the Rules  

Familiarise yourself with the basic rules so you know how to play and bet. 

Step 2: Placing Your Bets  

Place your bets on the table.  

Step 3: Understanding the game’s Odds

Make sure you understand the odds of your bet and the effect of the version you’re playing. French roulette has the lowest house edge and American has the highest. 

Step 4: Playing the Game  

Wait for the wheel to spin and the ball to come to a stop. Collect your winnings if you’re successful.  

Roulette tips and strategies

As a beginner, it’s best to practise with free games first before you risk real money. This means you can familiarize yourself with the different types of bets. It’s also important to set yourself a limit so that you don’t get carried away. Never chase losses. Finally, watch experienced players and learn from their strategies and behaviours.  


What is the difference between American, European and French roulette?

French roulette has a single zero and additional rules, European roulette has a single zero and American roulette as 0 and 00.

Are there any strategies that guarantee success?

No strategy can guarantee success but many people use the Martingale or Fibonacci strategy to mitigate losses. 

Can I play roulette online for free?

Many online casinos offer free versions or roulette so you can practise. You won’t be able to play live dealer games for free however. 

Final thoughts

Roulette is one of the most popular table games, so it makes sense to learn how to play it. By understanding gameplay and betting options, you’ll have a much better time at the table. And with a dash of luck, you could come home with winnings.