Penny Roulette Online

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If you like playing real money online casino games and you also like to play low stakes that still offer the chance to win big payouts, then take a look at our Penny Roulette online roulette games at Mansion Casino UK. That’s right – you can now play roulette for a penny at your favourite online casino in the comfort of your own home! And even though the stakes are low, the fun value is still just as high, with payouts of up to 36:1 available for a winning single number bet. You can place one bet or multiple, with all winning bets paid out – simply play your way to get the most from this state of the art game. And if you open an account and deposit today for real money online roulette games, you can claim your online Welcome Bonus up to £200 and enjoy the extra bankroll!

How to Play Penny Roulette

Decide whether you want to play Penny Roulette on online casino site on download or instant play software, then open an internet casino account with us and complete the straightforward web form to register your account. Next, go to the Cashier and select one of the many secure and fast deposit method options, state how much you wish to add to your bankroll, and complete the instructions from your chosen provider. When your funds show, hit the lobby! Click on the Penny Roulette option to get started, set your coin level and place your bets. When you are happy with your selection, hit Spin to see what number the wheel lands on. All winning bets are highlighted on screen and your winnings are paid to your casino bankroll right away.

Penny Roulette Bets

Here is a selection of the bets that you can place when you play Penny Roulette casino games:

  • Corner Bet – a bet on four numbers
  • Straight Bet – a bet on a single number that pays out at 36:1
  • Split Bet – a bet on two numbers, paying at 18:1
  • Even – a bet on an even number to win, paying out at even money
  • Odd – a bet on an odd number to win, paying even money!
  • Red – a bet on a red coloured number to win, paying even money
  • Black – a bet on a black coloured number to win, paying even money
  • Column Bet – a bet on a column of 12 numbers, covering one third of the roulette wheel, not including the zero