Play 4-Line Aces and Faces Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino UK

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With hundreds to thousands of different online video poker options available when choosing card games to play at our online casino UK, actually choosing which game to play is the first risk you’ll have to take. For a simple yet exciting hand of cards, come on over to Mansion Casino and try your hand at 4-Line Aces and Faces. Whether you win or lose (though obviously the ideal is to win), you’ll have an absolute blast! And if you’re a bit scared at first to bet your own money, we’ll even let you start out by betting with ours!

How to Play 4-Line Aces and Faces Videopoker

As can be understood from the name, in 4-Line Aces and Faces you’ll be concentrating on Ace, King, Queen and Jack since they are the minimum pairs needed for a winning hand, meaning that if your only good cards are a pair of deuces or any other number up to 10’s, then you’re SOL (uhhh – sorry, out of luck). To start playing this online casino game, you’ll need to first set the value of the coins you’ll be betting and don’t worry; the range is vast enough to suit the high roller and penny player, alike. Then you’ll have to choose how many coins you’d like to bet on the upcoming round (this can always be changed in between rounds so that you can practice smart money management skills which is the most important aspect of smart gambling) but to keep things going for longer the maximum coins you can bet per round is five. Now that all of that is set up, you can press “Deal” and start playing. Once you see the cards you’ve been dealt, you can either hold or discard each of them, though whichever ones you hold on that first line, will be held on each line across the board so make sure you choose wisely.

4-Line Aces and Faces Bonus Game

If you’re feeling particularly lucky while playing 4-Line Aces and Faces, there’s a mini game within this game that you can play for some extra winnings. In this bonus game, you have the option to half double, or double your winnings and in order to do that, here’s the deal. You’re dealt five cards – the first one face up and the rest face down. You have to choose one of the other four that you think is higher than the face up card and if you beat it, you automatically win! Simple as that!