Online Baccarat

If you’ve ever felt like a complete zero, than you will certainly relate to this next card challenge. Online Baccarat, which actually means zero, is one of our exciting casino games that people from all over the world can enjoy for its unique nature, fun-filled twists and terrific strategy-based logic. Are you the kind of punter that finds these challenges stimulating and fun? Then settle down at one of our tables now, and we’ll deal you right in!

How to Play Baccarat

Online Baccarat is a multifarious option that will keep you entertained the entire time, and it will draw you back in for another round time and time again. the rules are pretty simple to explain; it should only take you a few minutes to get into the swing of things. Here it is:

  1. We have many card varieties that challenge you to get a certain value. Blackjack for example, tasks you to reach 21 or as close to it, without going over. This version, however, you want to be holding nine. The way you play Online Baccarat, though, is completely different than at typical Blackjack or Poker hand.
  2. You are dealt two cards to work with, and a third one is optional, but we’ll get to that in a minute. The way to find out what your end total is is through a little simple addition. You want to add the total of your two cards, and then lose that unnecessary tens value place. A little confused? We’ll explain it further, don’t fear! So lets say you are given an eight and a nine. The sum of those two cards is 17, right? Now you would drop the one (that’s the number in the tens place), and you are left with seven. That is your total for the round.
  3. One unique rule that you should remember is that if you get a nine or an eight in your first hand, you automatically win!
  4. Don’t forget to put down those bets. After all, that’s what gets the ball rolling. You can bet on the banker the player, a tie, or a combination of them all!

Enjoy the Thrill of Baccarat!

Online Baccarat is not the only thrilling chase for you at our stupendous online casino, though. Come over, and check out the hundreds of challenges that we have waiting for you to enjoy! With a variety like this, there is no doubt that you won’t find your own favourite in an instant!