Best Online Slots at Mansion Casino Canada

Slot machines may only have been around for just over 100 years, but they have definitely made a huge impact in the gambling industry. Slot machines have made one of the smoothest transitions to online casino sites, and at many of these games form the bulk of the casino's portfolio. Slot machines come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from classic games that remind players of the traditional games of yesteryear, to the last word in animated, branded video slot games. Software providers have created games to suit all types of players, allowing them to have fun at penny slots or enjoy the more challenging highroller games.

History of Slots

Many casino games played at online casinos can easily trace their roots back to ancient times. However, slots are perhaps the most modern of these games, having being created at the turn of the 20th Century. As many success stories in the United States go, an immigrant from Bavaria, Charles Fey, thought up the idea of a gaming device that would reward players with small prizes or coins. His dream resulted in the creation of the first slot game – the Liberty Bell, and quickly bore fruit as more and more people discovered this wonderful new form of entertainment. In just one decade, the original slot machine was adapted to incorporate new images, eventually leading to the creation of the Operator Bell by the Mills Novelty Co.

Slots were originally considered light entertainment and found their way onto the casino floors of the United States to initially keep the fairer sex busy while their men folk played 'real' games such as blackjack and poker. However, casino bosses soon realized that they were sitting on a gold mine as more and more of their male customers remained at the slot machines.

In the early 1950's, progress in technology saw the birth of electro-mechanical games. Suddenly, popular slot games such as Big Bertha and others were able to pay out higher jackpots and slots became quite the craze on Vegas casino floors.

The Dollar Slot Machine saw the next big change in the design and payout potential of slot games in the 1970s. A decade later, Sircoma introduced the first video poker slot machine – the closest relative to video slots as we know them today.

It went without saying that when online gaming sites started offering players the chance to play and pay with real money, slot machines would become their biggest revenue generators. Each year, software companies such as Playtech spend millions in developing new games with interesting new themes, features and affects. Today, online slots trigger a billion dollar industry.

Slots Odds

One of the most common questions posed by new online slots players is how they can alter the odds of a slot machine so that they have more chances of winning. The simple answer to this is that they cannot. Slots are considered a game of chance (in comparison, to, say blackjack which can have its odds altered if players improve their skill level). As such, players should realize from the outset that the odds of hitting the jackpot of a slot machine are already inbuilt, with the outcome of each spin determined by what is known as a RNG (random number generator).

Players will note that most online slot games post a payout percentage. A game which has a 97% payout percentage essentially means that over a period of time, for every $100 spent by the player on the slot game, he or she will take home $97. The slight difference is the profit that the casino makes on players and is known as the House Edge. Of course, that doesn't mean that every player who wagers on slot games will win 97/100 times. Some players will have a lucky streak and win more, while others may win less.

Not all online slots have the same odds. Some pay out more than others, and it is a good idea for players to choose games with lower House Edges than others in order to improve their chances of winning. Progressive jackpot slots may offer huge sums of money, but the chances of hitting these million dollar amounts are lower than if one would play games with lower jackpot amounts.

Game Rules

Not much knowledge is required in order to play slot games, although a quick look at the different games available at online casinos will show that slots rules vary from game to game. The basic premise of slots is similar across the board:

  • Choose a coin denomination and how many coins to wager – each slot game is unique regarding its minimum and maximum bets. Some games don't offer this choice and will have a fixed coin amount to wager.
  • Spin the reels – Most slot games simply call for you to press SPIN for the game to begin.
  • Wait for the images to align on the reels – The more classic slot games require that you line up three of the same images on one payline to receive a payout. However, different variants of slots exist and multi line slots, for example, allow you to activate more lines, thus increasing your chances of winning by lining up images in different positions (even vertically).
  • Have winnings credited to your account based on the outcome and a predetermined paytable – All online slots will provide players with this paytable which they can view beforehand to know which images they need to land in order to win. Payouts are made automatically by the casino.

Jackpots up for grabs will be different with every machine, and will also depend on whether the game carries a fixed jackpot or a progressive jackpot. The amount of a fixed jackpot remains the same but a progressive slot's jackpot will continue to grow each time the game is played, with part of the wager going into the jackpot, until it is won by a lucky player.

Slots Tips and Strategy

While it is has been noted that slots odds are fixed and one's chances of winning are determined by a random number generator, it is also important to remember that there are certain strategies worth knowing that will, at the very least, minimize the player's chances of chipping away at their bankroll.

Remember that not all slots are the same: As tempting as it may be to simply throw in some coins, spin the reels and hope for the best, this may not always be the right tactic. Not all slots are the same, with rules differing from machine to machine. Taking some time to learn the rules – even a simple read-through – could mean the difference between winning and losing.

Play free slots: It is not only permissible, but also highly recommended to play free slots at Mansion Casino Canada. The Play for Fun mode at top casinos offers players an excellent way to get to know the different slots in the casino's games portfolio and allows them to choose those that suit them the best – whether in terms of wagering limits, skill levels or simply entertainment features.

Get to know the bonus features: Online video slots offer a wide range of bonus features and it is worth getting to know how they work. Learn the difference between wild symbols, scatters, spins, bonus games and more in order to make your choice about online slots gaming simpler and enhance your enjoyment.

Wager the right number of coins: One tip that many players overlook is to wager the right number of coins, depending on the slot game. For example, most progressive slot games require that players wager the maximum number of coins in order to put themselves in line to win the progressive jackpot. Failing to do so could see players receive a jackpot that is much less than the big amount up for grabs.

Check the wagering limits: You will want to avoid slot machines with a minimum betting level of $10 if you only have $50 to play with for your gaming session.Stick to machines that give your bankroll a longer lease on life. The longer you spend at the slot machines (within limits, of course), the more chance you have of winning.

Game Buttons

Auto Play: Clicking this button will give the slot machine a command to keep spinning the reels using the same bet amount for a predetermined number of spins.

Bet Max: Requesting that the slot game automatically sets the game to the maximum amount that can be wagered.

Coin Size: Which denomination should be used to wager on the game.

Collect: A request to have the gaming session come to an end and to have all winnings credited to the account.

Lines Per Spin: Players determine how many lines they want to wager on in the game.

Spin: A request to have the game begin by spinning the reels.

Slots Glossary

These are the more common terms linked to the game of online slots:

Bet: To wager on a slot machine.

Bet Max: Wagering the top sum possible on the slot machine.

Bonus Feature: A feature in a slot game that has the potential to pay additional winnings (eg. Spins).

Classic Slot Machine: Slots with more traditional features, such as three reels.

Coins Per Line: The sum wagered by the player on each pay line.

Coins Per Spin: The number of coins bet in each game.

Fixed Jackpot: A jackpot which does not change its prize amount offered.

Fruities: Slot machines in Australia.

Fruit Machines: Slot machines in the United Kingdom.

Hit Frequency: How often a slot game lands a winning combination on average.

Jackpot: The top amount paid out in a slot machine.

Multi Line: A game with more than one pay line.

Multiplier: Payouts are multiplied by a predetermined amount on a bonus win.

Pay Line: When images align on this activated line in a slots game, the player wins.

Payout Percentage: The percentage rate which a slot game pays out.

Progressive Slots: A slot game which has a jackpot that keeps rising each time the game is played, until it is eventually hit by one player. The jackpot is reseeded after each win.

Reels: Barrels with images that spin until they stop to reveal any winning combinations. Payouts are based on the outcome of these spins.

Scatter Pay: A bonus feature which pays out randomly or triggers other bonus features.

Stacked Wilds: When several wild symbols are positioned on top of each other on a slots machine's reels.

Symbols: Various images found on a slot's reels.

Wild: A symbol which substitutes for other symbols to generate winning combinations. Similar to an Ace card.

Wild Multiplier: A wild symbol which not only substitutes for winning combinations but also multiplies the payout it helped create.

How to open an account and play for real money

While players can play for fun or real money, a player will need to open a real money account in order to start betting on slot machines and put themselves in line to win real credits. Real money play is an option on both the download and Flash platforms at Mansion Casino Canada. The process of opening a real money account at this site is simple and takes mere minutes.

  • Players click the Play for Real Money icon.
  • Players click the Create Account icon.
  • Players are led to a page where they are prompted to fill in specific details about themselves such as contact information.
  • Terms and Conditions are presented, which players need to agree to.
  • Click the Create button for the creation of a Real Money Account.