Deposit with Mastercard

Mastercard was established in 1966 by a conglomerate of big Californian banks, as a rival to BankAmeriCard from the Bank of America. It has now spread throughout the world and is known as a reliable and safe method of money transfer. 

Depositing with Mastercard at Canada

Mastercards can only be used to make deposits at the Canadian casino. To make a withdrawal, players will need to use a separate method. To make deposits at Canada simply visit the cashier section of the casino and click on cards.

Register your card, enter the amount you wish to transfer, put in your CVV2 number and complete the transaction. Once the transaction has been verified and the money has been transferred into your account you will be able to start playing at the online casino.

Any information submitted, including name, address, CVV2 and/or telephone number must match those registered with your payment card company. If any of this information is incomplete or incorrect, please try again. If your credit limit is exceeded, please contact your bank for further instructions.



Why deposit with Mastercard

Depositing with Mastercard is a quick and simple process. It is popular for its convenience, particularly among players who already hold the credit card. Its multiple security measures ensure a safe transfer on every occasion. It is also an international payment method which increases its accessibility and attraction.

To play at Canada, choose Mastercard as one of the simplest and safest payment options for depositing that are available. Visit the payment methods section for more options.

Players can rest assured that their deposits are safe and secure when they use the Mastercard payment method at our live casino. As a world-renowned corporation, Mastercard has the credibility, reliability and accountability that you need to trust your transactions into their hands.

Note to players: Making a deposit to our online casino may incur a fee depending on the bank policies. Please familiarize yourself with all requirements and transaction details that are set down by your specific credit card company prior to authorizing any and all transactions to ensure that all dealings are done with proper foreknowledge and consent.

How Mastercard Transactions Work

If a person holds an account that has been approved by a credit provider, then a Mastercard credit card will be issued. This card can then be used to make purchases online. The holder of the card must verify the transaction with the PIN or verbal authorisation. A verification system will then confirm that the card holder has sufficient credit, and the transaction will go through.

We currently support the following secured online payment method, Mastercard. Visit the Mastercard website for more information.