There are a wide variety of casino bonuses available at MansionCasino CA and our range of bonuses and promotions change regularly to reflect the ongoing needs of our players. You may have multiple bonuses, and different bonus types, in your account simultaneously, but only one can be active so you can meet wagering requirements. If you choose multiple bonuses, they become active in order of issue.

We are 100% transparent when it comes to the wagering requirements for each bonus, so you always know what terms are required to fulfill bonus eligibility. We always have dedicated Customer Support staff available to help you with any queries.

Throughout the year, MansionCasino CA offers the best online casino bonuses for Canadian players; read on to understand more about how bonuses work in our casino online, so you can choose the bonus that’s right for you.

You usually only have one casino bonus active on your account at any one time. The various bonuses available in our online casino include:

No Deposit Bonus (Free Bonus)

  • One of the most popular bonuses among players, especially low stakes players and players relatively new to online casinos.
  • There is no deposit required to receive this kind of bonus.
  • Players are still required to register an account to be able to claim a no-deposit bonus.
  • This bonus enables players to try out the online casino and its real money games without any financial commitment.
  • This bonus will have wagering requirements attached - this means that players must wager their bonus amount a specified number of times before being able to withdraw funds.

Deposit Required Bonus (Reload Bonus)

  • A reload bonus is an amount given when you make a deposit - you must make a deposit to be eligible to receive this bonus.
  • The most common type of bonus available to players. It can come in different formats, such as a Welcome Bonus after new registration is complete, or a matched deposit bonus.
  • Welcome Bonus: usually a percentage of the player’s deposit after registration. This may be received as a single chunk or in portions over time, e.g. a percentage of bonus on your first deposit, then a further percentage when you deposit again. This will be explained in the Terms and Conditions before you opt in - make sure you read carefully to understand how much you need to deposit at each stage to receive your full bonus.
  • Matched Deposit bonus: this means your player bonus amount is based on the amount the player deposits and is often awarded to repeat players for their loyalty. E.g. 100% match adds $10 to a $10 deposit. A 50% match would add $5 to a player’s $10 deposit.
  • All deposit bonuses have their wagering requirements set out in the Terms and Conditions.

Pre-Wager Bonuses

  • These bonuses are credited instantly and have set wagering requirements. ‘Pre-wager’ refers to when the bonus is paid - the bonus only turns into transferable money in the player’s account once all wagering requirements are met.
  • Can be in the form of a Free Bonus (no-deposit bonus) or a Reload Bonus (deposit bonus based on a percentage of the amount deposited by a player).
  • Until wagering requirements are met, all winnings are pending as ‘bonus winnings’. Once requirements have been attained, any remaining bonus and bonus winnings are added to the player’s real balance.
  • Note: a non-redeemable bonus allows winnings only to be cashed out, not the bonus itself.

After-Wager Bonuses

  • Also known as a post-wager bonus, this is credited once set wagering requirements have been met by the player.
  • Can be a Free Bonus (no-deposit bonus) or a Reload Bonus (deposit bonus based on a percentage of The amount deposited by a player).
  • These bonuses are ‘pending’, ready to be used by the player (as wagering or for cashing out) once wagering requirements have been met.
  • Note: a non-redeemable bonus allows winnings only to be cashed out, not the bonus itself.

Casino Bonus Codes

  • To be eligible for this type of bonus, you need a special link or bonus codes.
  • Codes may be used to receive bonus funds (including pre-wager or after-wager, no deposit and matched deposit bonuses) but also extras such as spins and Golden Chips.
  • You may view current offers using codes by visiting our Promotions page, but codes may also be received directly via SMS or email when you opt into promotional material from MansionCasino CA. To receive the very latest info direct, make sure you sign up for our newsletter.

VIP Program

  • Our VIP bonuses may be awarded to VIP members on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis.
  • Benefits are varied and include special reload bonuses, exclusive promotions, cash-back deals, and a dedicated account manager.
  • You will be contacted by one of our dedicated VIP account managers if you are eligible to sign up for the VIP scheme.
  • There is also a VIP Elite status, with additional benefits including gifts, exclusive invitations, and more.
  • You can view full details of what benefits you get as a VIP player on our VIP page.

Cash and Cashback

Both of these types of bonus are rare, and often reserved for VIP members:

  • Cash Bonus: this is a straight-up cash amount awarded to a player, usually without any wagering conditions attached.
  • Cashback Bonus: this awards player cash in the form of a partial refund on net losses, and usually without any wagering conditions attached.

Golden Chips

A Golden Chip is a special and unique kind of bonus at MansionCasino CA and it allows players to play a free hand at a table game of choice (e.g. Blackjack, Roulette).

  • Your Golden Chips will show alongside your regular balance as you play, and can be played like a standard chip.
  • You can only play 1 Golden Chipper round at any table or card game.
  • Winnings from your Golden Chips may be received as cash or a bonus subject to wagering requirements.

Slot Machines

Our slot machines offer their own in-game bonus rewards, which can credit players with rewards such as free spins, respins, money wheels, pick’em cash prizes, cash bonuses and more.

Some bonus features are triggered at random, while others need a set combination of icons to land on the reels (see in-game menu for game info and or/paytable).

Many bonus features are highly interactive and add plenty of fun as well as reward potential.

Learn more about what slots games are available and what bonus features they offer by visiting our dedicated slots page.

Free Spins

The 2 types of free spins in our online casino are:

  • A set number of plays on a specific game; this may be part of a Welcome Bonus package, a reload bonus or loyalty program.
  • An in-game free spin that is triggered while playing the slot. This awards a designated number of extra spins at no extra cost to the player

Visit our dedicated free spins page to learn more.


Casino bonuses vary widely, and will appeal to different players for different reasons. For instance, some players prefer smaller instant bonuses with lower wagering requirements, while others prefer to unlock their bonus incrementally. Some players only play slots and so prefer a slot-specific bonus, while others prefer a bonus that has wagering requirements across many game types.

To ensure you choose a bonus that matches your needs and tastes, you must take the following qualities into consideration:

  • Bonus amount - does it suit your bankroll and the way you play?
  • Game context - are the games that count towards wagering requirements games that you play?
  • Redeemable or non-redeemable - which do you prefer?
  • Size of wagering requirements - are these realistic for the way you play?

When you read the Terms and Conditions carefully and take all these elements into consideration, you’ll be certain to find the right kind of bonus for you as an individual.


When you choose your bonus, make sure you pay strict attention to the amount and whether a deposit is required. You will find all this information in the bonus Terms and Conditions.

Game Context

Make sure you choose a bonus that has games that you play counting towards the wagering requirements. You can see which games the bonus you are interested in can be wagered against in the Terms and Conditions, so make sure you pay attention and only sign up for bonuses that suit your preferences and way of playing.  

Redeemable / Non-Redeemable

These bonuses act as follows:

  • Redeemable: when you choose this type of bonus, it is added to your bonus balance and can be used for wagering on our online casino games When the wagering requirements are met, the bonus is moved to your regular balance and you can then withdraw any remaining bonus amount.
  • Non-redeemable: this type of bonus is added to your bonus balance, for wagering on our casino games. The bonus cannot be cashed out in any circumstance - only winnings.

Wagering Requirements

It’s crucial that you familiarise yourself with any bonus’ wagering requirements (also called ‘playthrough rate’ and ‘rollover’) before you opt in, and you can do this by reading the bonus Terms and Conditions. Wagering requirements can vary greatly between bonuses, and some bonuses may have additional terms to comply with also, so make sure you are completely aware of what you are choosing. 

E.g. You opt for a bonus that has a 10x wagering requirement. You must, therefore, wager your bonus amount 10x (so a $10 bonus would require you to stake $100) before you meet the bonus terms.

The variables that calculate wagering requirements include:

  • Multipliers of your deposit.
  • Multipliers of the bonus amount issued.
  • The sum of both of the above (multipliers of the deposit amount and bonus amount).

Wagering requirements: have a range of criteria, including game type and bet percentage.

  • Some bonuses will only count the wagers for one game, while others will have a wider scope.
  • In addition, not all bets will contribute 100% towards your bonus requirements - some games have a lower percentage, like Roulette for instance, which affects how quickly you can meet the requirements.

Check the exact percentages of contributions before you sign up for your bonus, to make sure it reflects the way you play.


Casino bonuses can be a great way to boost your bankroll and add more playing funds to your account, and at MansionCasino CA we strive to offer a wide range of bonuses and promotions that reflect our player preferences. To keep our bonuses varied, generous, and attractive to our players, we offer different bonuses all year round for all kinds of players, from our newest members to our VIPs.

For complete transparency, we also make sure that all terms and conditions are completely visible, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you choose a MansionCasino CA bonus. So, however you play and at whatever stakes, there should be something to suit you - check out our Promotions page, to see our latest offers and promotions.