How to Play Live Dealer Roulette at MansionCasino Canada

The Roulette wheel is one of the most iconic objects in the world, one that has been featured in countless films, TV shows, and music videos, and one that is recognised by billions of people worldwide. The game of Roulette is partly responsible for the meteoric rise of cities like Las Vegas and Macao, and it has also played its role in helping the online casino industry.

Live Dealer Roulette brings the world of land-based casinos and online casinos together, creating something immersive and convenient; something that can be enjoyed by players of all stake levels and experience. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at Live Dealer Roulette and the games that you can find at MansionCasino Canada.

Main Features

  • Number of Live Dealer Roulette Available: 15.
  • Platform: Playtech.
  • Min-Max Bet Limits: $0.5-$5000.
  • Rules: European, French, and American.
  • Features: Progressive Jackpots, Multi-Wheels.
  • Spectator Mode: Yes, some of the games allow you to join as a spectator.

Available Live Roulette Games to Play

To play Live Dealer Roulette at MansionCasino Canada, just sign up, deposit using one of the many different options, set your budget, and start playing. There are stacks of great games to enjoy, all of which you can see below. These games have stake levels that range from just $0.50 to $5,000 and there are several additional features to enjoy as well.

Join MansionCasino Canada today to play these games for yourself.

Live Roulette GameBet LimitsRTP %Description
Age of the Gods Roulette$1 - $5,00097.3% to 98.65%Based on their classic series and complete with a Greek God theme, this Live Roulette variant has a progressive jackpot.
Prestige Roulette$1 - $5,00097.3% to 98.65%A high-stakes plush Roulette variant aimed at high-rollers.
American Roulette$1 - $5,00094.74%An American variant with two “0” spaces on the board.
Spread Bet Roulette$1 - $5,00097.3% to 98.65%Spread your bets and take advantage of a unique layout and format.
Football Roulette$1 - $5,00097.3% to 98.65%Uses a soccer pitch and other imagery from this sport.
Soiree Roulette$1 - $5,00097.3% to 98.65%A standard French Roulette variant.
Sapphire Room Roulette$1 - $5,00097.3% to 98.65%French Roulette, leisurely paced, and with a wide betting range.
Pearl Roulette$1 - $5,00097.3% to 98.65%Another solid Roulette variant that adopts French/European rules.
UK Roulette$1 - $5,00097.3% to 98.65%A Live game streamed from major European studios.
Prime Slingshot Roulette$1 - $5,00097.3% to 98.65%Combines French Roulette with a video slot format for a unique experience.
Roulette Lounge$0.5 - $5,00097.3% to 98.65%A high-class Roulette experience that takes place in a VIP lounge.
Speed Roulette$0.5 - $5,00097.3% to 98.65%A fast-paced variant that uses French rules and strict time limits.
Diamond French Roulette$1 - $5,00097.3% to 98.65%Part of the popular “Diamond” Playtech series, which adds a unique twist to the French table layout.
Roulette Lounge French$1 - $5,00097.3% to 98.65%A premium variant that uses French rules.


  • Real dealers and equipment.
  • Slow, leisurely play.
  • Sights and sounds of a real casino.
  • Wide betting range.
  • Many different games available.


  • Time limits.
  • Often played with others.

Top 3 Strategies

There is no guaranteed way to beat the game of Roulette and we can’t endorse the use of any Roulette strategies. However, such strategies do exist and have been used for many decades. Three of the most common Roulette strategies are:

1. Martingale

This is one of the oldest Roulette strategies on record. It’s believed to have been created before the invention of table limits, with some suggesting that this strategy is the reason such limits were invented (there are actually many reasons).

The idea behind this strategy is simple: You double your bet every time you lose and you return to your original wager when you win. Here is an example of how this particular Roulette strategy might be used:


There are a few obvious flaws to this system, namely the fact that it can get very ugly very quickly and may require you to bet sums of money that are far beyond what you can afford. It is also rendered relatively useless by low table limits.

2. Paroli

The Paroli strategy is similar to one known as the Reverse Martingale and in many cases, it is used interchangeably. However, there are some slight differences. With the Reverse Martingale, players double their stake after every win and continue to do this for as long as they keep winning.

With the Paroli system, players double their bets following a win but return to their original stake if they win three times in a row.

3. D’Alembert

The D’Alembert Roulette strategy is based on the idea that if a coin is flipped 5 times and shows “heads”, “tails” will appear more often in the following 5 throws. This is a complete fallacy though and goes against everything that we know about mathematics and probabilities.

Followers of the D’Alembert betting system increase their bet by 1 unit when they lose and decrease it by 1 when they win. A unit can be $1, $5, $10 or $100—it all depends on your affordability and stake. When employed, this system may look like this:

  • Bet $10 = Lose
  • Bet $20 = Lose
  • Bet $30 = Win
  • Bet $20 = Lose
  • Bet $30 = Win
  • Bet $20 = Win


Roulette can seem a little complicated at first. There are two stages of play, a packed table, and dozens of possible bets. However, once you understand the layout and the rules, it begins to look much clearer.

Take a look at these Roulette rules to get to grips with this game:

  • How to Play: Follow these simple steps to play live casino Roulette via a table stream:
    • Wait Your Turn: Games of Live Dealer Roulette run continuously, and we recommend watching a game or two to get a feel for it before you join in.
    • Place Your Bets: Stack your chips on the board to place your bets and wait for the betting round to end.
    • Spin: The dealer will call an end to the betting round and will then spin the wheel. The ball will be dropped inside and all eyes will then be trained on it as it bounces around the wheel.
    • Payouts: When the ball stops, bets will be settled, and payments will be made.
  • Live Roulette: The rules of Live Roulette are very similar to the games you’ll find in real casinos. And just like real casino games, there can be differences from one variant to the next, including:
    • French Roulette: There is only one Green Zero on the board and this greatly reduces the House Edge. Additional rules may apply when the ball lands on the green space, including something known as La Partage, whereby only half the bet is lost.
    • American Roulette: There are two Green Zeroes on the board, which increases the house edge. The layout is also different from other variants, with the Outside Bets often lined down one side of the board, as opposed to flanking either side.
    • European Roulette: There is no official variant of European Roulette and this term is often used interchangeably with French Roulette. However, some Roulette variants use this term to refer to a game that has a French-style layout but doesn’t include the La Partage feature.
  • Roulette Bets: To place a bet in any game of Roulette, you just need to drop your chips onto the square that represents your bet. However, there are also some lesser-known bets that require specific placements:
    • Straight (1 number): Chips should cover one number square.
    • Split (2 numbers): The chips are placed on the horizontal line that separates two numbers.
    • Street (3 numbers): Placed on three consecutive numbers that span the same line.
    • Corner (4 numbers): This bet is placed by dropping chips at the centre of four numbers.
    • Six Line (6 numbers): Placed at the edge of the middle line that runs through 6 numbers.
    • Outside Bets: These bets can be found on the edge of the betting board and represent higher probability wagers, such as Odd/Even and Red/Black.

Odds and Payouts

Roulette odds vary depending on the type of bet you make, while the House Edge is dictated by the variant. The average High/Low, Red/Black, and Even/Odd bet, for instance, has a 48.60% chance of being successful on French Roulette and 47.4% on American Roulette.

Side bets, additional features, bonuses, and more can all impact the payout of a game of Live Dealer Roulette. To see the exact payout of your chosen game, take a look at the Help menu, where you’ll find payouts, rules, and more.


All Live Dealer Roulette games at MansionCasino Canada are provided by Playtech, one of the biggest names in the iGaming sector. Playtech operates out of casinos across Asia and Europe, streaming dozens of games from countless tables and offering the best support and gaming experience on the whole.

Playtech uses its exclusive Eurolive platform, which features popular games (including Live Baccarat) as well as lesser-known games (including 3-Card Brag). There are also some unique Roulette variants here, such as:

  • Spread Bet Roulette: A second “virtual” wheel is added to the game, creating a host of additional features and wagering possibilities.
  • Age of Gods: This Roulette game comes loaded with a progressive jackpot that can be won on any spin.

Mobile Experience

You can play Live Casino Roulette games on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. You just need an internet connection and a MansionCasino Canada account and you’re good to go. Just make sure you check with our Bonuses and Promotions before you sign up.

These games utilize high-speed streams to ensure that they work well even on slower and older devices. They have been adapted to suit the touchscreen format and everything can be seen clearly even on the smaller screens.


Live Casino Roulette is relatively simple and straightforward, from the easy-to-follow betting system to the state-of-the-art wheel and cam stream. However, inexperienced players may still struggle to understand a few of the rules and processes.

In such cases, simply use one of the following methods to get the help you need:

  • In-Game Support: All Live Casino Roulette games have a built-in Help section which details the rules of the game. You can also use the Chat Box feature to ask the dealer a question about the rules.
  • Customer Support: With Live Chat, phone, and email support available 24/7, there is always a MansionCasino Canada customer support representative on hand to help when needed.

Bonuses and Promotions

Whether you’re taking a spin on French Roulette or American Roulette, and whether you’re wagering Straight-up or on an Outside Bet, make sure you check with our Bonuses and Promotions first.

At MansionCasino Canada all new players who sign up and deposit can secure a sizeable Welcome Package to use on these games and many others. Visit our Casino Promotions page, keep an eye out for our promotional materials, and take advantage of big bonuses for slots and table games.

Additional Live Dealer Games

Roulette not your game? Don’t worry—there are many more classic Live Dealer games available at MansionCasino Canada. All these games provide the same level of immersion and interactivity, transporting players into a real-life casino environment. They include several variants of Blackjack as well as Punto Banco Baccarat and numbers games.

Final Word

When the wheel spins, the fun begins—the game of Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular in the gambling sector and it’s easy to see why! To experience this game as it was made to be played, and to secure the biggest bonuses and promotions, sign up at and join in today!