Play Scratch Cards at MansionCasino Canada

Scratch cards seem to have been around forever, but in the grand scheme of things, they’re relatively new, as they were invented in 1974. This means that scratch cards are actually years younger than Texas Hold’em and decades younger than slot machines, with several centuries separating them from the lottery games on which they are based.

Online scratch cards are even more of a recent invention, and in many ways, they are a huge improvement. They take everything that people love about classic scratch cards and add bigger jackpots, better features, and unique bonus rounds.

You can play the best online scratch cards at MansionCasino CA. Need more info on how they work and what they have to offer? Read on.

How to Play Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are far from complicated. In fact, they are some of the easiest games in any online casino.

The idea is simple: scratch off the squares, reveal the symbols, and win the prizes. Typically, you will be presented with a grid of boxes and must use your virtual coin to scratch them and reveal the symbols underneath. Match enough of them (usually 3) or reveal a jackpot symbol, and you will trigger a payout.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Wager: Unlike slots, there are no coin values, lines, and bets per line to worry about. You simply buy a ticket and then play the game. Each ticket has a fixed cost, so look for the “Bet” or “Buy” button and adjust the wager to an amount you’re comfortable with.
  • One or All: You can either reveal one square at a time or use the “Reveal All” button to provide an instant outcome.
  • RNG Rules: It doesn’t matter if you carefully reveal each square in a specific pattern or click “Reveal All”, the outcome will be the same, and it’s an outcome governed by RNG.
  • Bonus Games: Some scratch cards have bonus symbols that function like slot machine bonus rounds. You unlock them by revealing specific symbols and can then win more money. The exact nature of these rounds will depend on the game, but they are usually very easy to play.

Need more information? Look for the paytable, usually depicted as a “?” or “i” icon.

Available Scratch Card Games

MansionCasino CA is home to the very best online scratch cards. These games are provided by top trusted developers like Playtech, and they cover all kinds of features and bonuses, as well as some massive jackpots and wide wager ranges. Take a look at the table below for a quick overview of our scratch cards.

Game NameRTPMax. Payout
Fire Blaze Scratch95%10,000x
Cash Collect Scratch Card95%2,100x
The Walking Dead Scratch95.72%1,000
Gold Rush Scratch95.65%250,000
Football Scratch PowerPlay Jackpot92%10,000x
Halloween Fortune Scratch95%10,000x
Bobby George Sporting Legends Scratch95.49%250,000
Rocky Scratch94.79%500,000
Wild Lava Scratch95%10,000x
Empire Treasures Scratch95%10,000x
Hot Gems Xtreme Scratch Card95.81%10,000x
Brian Lara Sporting Legends Scratch95%10,000x
Anaconda Wild Scratch95%10,000x
Age of the Gods Scratch95%250,000
Blitz Scratch95%50,000
Ted Scratch95.8%250,000
Fishin' Frenzy Scratch96.1%250,000

Bonuses and Promotions

Casino bonuses aren’t just for slot machines. We have many that can also be used to play scratch cards, whether you’re heading west with the other prospectors in Gold Rush Scratch or fighting the undead in The Walking Dead Scratch.

You can collect bonuses whether you’re a new player making your first deposit or an experienced player returning to the site week after week. Check our promotions page to see what’s available, and be sure to check the terms and conditions to get a good read on these offers.


Can I win real money playing online scratch card games?

Yes, of course. We have demo games available and these are a good way to test certain titles before you commit. But if you’re playing for real money then you can win real money as well.

Can I play scratch cards on mobile?

Yes, you can, and mobile devices are arguably the best way to experience these games. Being able to hold the virtual card in your hand and “scratch” off the tiles makes it feel like the real thing. MansionCasino CA games are compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.

Are online scratch cards fair?

All online scratch cards are governed by random number generator (RNG) technology. It completely randomises the outcome and cannot be manipulated by the casino, developer, or player. These RNGs are certified and strictly regulated. It means that every time you buy a card and reveal the tiles, you’re getting a random and fair outcome.

Are online scratch cards safe to play?

They are 100% safe, as is the case with all of our games. We use the best security protocols and technology to keep our players safe, and that also applies to their transactions and personal information.

What are the advantages of playing scratch cards online?

There are a few big benefits of playing these games, including the fact that they tend to have big jackpots and the outcomes are instant. You also have a lot of variety to choose from.

Play Scratch Cards for Real Money Now

Online scratch cards take the old idea of scratch-off instant lottery cards and turn it into something faster, better, and more high-tech. You don’t need to scramble in your pocket or purse for a coin; you don’t need to deal with the mess. Just click on the screen, reveal the tiles, and give yourself a chance of winning huge prizes!

Play these games now at MansionCasino Canada. We have a wide selection to choose from and we’re adding to it all of the time. If you’re a new player, be sure to check our promotions before you sign up, as there could be a sizeable welcome bonus waiting for you.