ecoPayz Casino

If you’re an ecoPayz member then this ecoPayz casino is where you’ll want to place your bets. Canada accepts this digital payment service as one of the payment methods that you can use for depositing and withdrawing funds. All that you’ll need is an account with this service, to have funds in your account and you’re good to go!

What Is An ecoPayz Casino

ecoPayz is a core product of PSI-Pay, a UK-based FSA approved e-wallet service provider. What this tells you is that your money is in good and trustworthy hands. So when you hit that jackpot and just can’t wait to get the funds into your bank account to spend, spend, spend, you’ll know that you’ll get your winnings right where you want them at a click of a button. No need to put in credit card details, or do a bank transfer or anything at all.

It’s all already set up for you, because as an ecoPayz casino, Canada will link to your existing ecoPayz ecoAccount where everything has already been set up by you exactly how you like it. When you create your account with PSI-Pay, you’ll transfer money into your account by bank transfer or through a credit card. Then you can transfer to another account, buy online, buy anywhere in the world with the ecoPayz ecoCard, withdraw money to an account of your own, or even pay online using the ecoPayz ecoVirtualcard, which is linked to MasterCard and expires after it’s used for added security.

This service is ideal for those of you who are a little wary of putting financial details on the web, or who don’t have an actual credit card. Even though web transactions with credit cards are completely secure at Canada and at so many other web-based retail facilities, there are always those individuals who are nervous about putting any personal details on the web. This is where these type of payment processing services come in, letting everyone enjoy the beauty of web-based gambling, shopping and so much more without any of the anxiety about this new way of paying.

Using The Payment Service At This ecoPayz Casino

When it comes to using this service at this ecoPayz casino, simply set it up in your account settings at our online casino. Then just make sure that you have enough funds in your ecoPayz ecoAccount to place the bets that you want to, and wait for the winnings to pour in!

We currently support the following secured online payment method, ecoPayz. Visit the ecoPayz website for more information, or get your help right here: