Play 3 Card Brag Table Game at Mansion Casino Canada

Get ready for a slight variation from the traditional three card poker when you play the 3 Card Brag casino game at Mansion Casino Canada. While the two games are very similar, there are some major differences that you will need to learn.

The biggest difference is when it comes to ranking of winning hands. In 3 Card Brag a three of a kind, called a prial, beats a straight flush – this would be a losing hand in 3 Card Poker. Another example in the best possible three- of-a-kind in poker is triple aces, but in 3 Card Brag, 3-3-3 is the best hand.

How to Play 3 Card Brag at Mansion Casino Canada

The first decision you’ll need to make is how much money you want to bet on the hand. To lay the bet you’ll just click on the coins you want to bet with and then place them on the table. There is also a side bet called the Pair Bonus, which you can win if you are dealt a pair of matching cards.

Once the bets have been placed on the table, click on the Deal button to receive your cards. The online casino player will receive three face-up cards, while the dealer has three cards face-down. Unlike with 3 Card Poker, the lower the number, the higher its value, meaning a pair of 4’s will beat a pair of J’s.

The top three hands in 3 Card Brag are as follows:

  • Prial of 3’s – A prial is any set of three matching cards. As we mentioned earlier, the 3 is the highest-ranking card, followed by the Ace.
  • Running Flush – A running flush is 3 cards of the same suit that go in numerical order.
  • Run – A run is a set of three cards numerical order, regardless of the suit. A, 2, 3 is the highest-ranking Run possibility.

Start Playing the 3 Card Brag Table Game at Mansion Casino Canada Today

When it comes to online casino games, Mansion Casino CA has you covered. You can download our casino online software or play in your web browser by heading to Table Games section and selecting 3 Card Brag. You can start playing 3 Card Brag for real money today by simply making a deposit into your account, collecting a Welcome Bonus up to $5000 and betting on 3 Card Brag today.