Pre Paid Cards Casino

Pre-paid cards are popular payment solutions for online casino players who do not have access to online payment options. They have grown in popularity and accessibility since tough new gambling laws were passed in the US in 2006 that made it difficult for US players to fund their online casino accounts. Pre-paid cards are cards or vouchers that are bought at retail outlets in specified denominations and are then used at the online casino in much the same way as a credit card or debit card. These methods are safe and secure as you do not need to provide the online casino with any personal or financial information. The card is also pre-paid meaning that you cannot spend more than your bankroll (or the pre-paid card) allows.

How Pre-Paid Cards Work

Before you can use a pre-paid card, you must purchase it from a local retail venue. You can then visit the cashier section of your online casino, enter the card number into the required field, enter the amount that you wish to transfer and the funds will be transferred into your account. There are different types of pre-paid cards and these will each have their own conditions so be sure you are familiar with them before you use the card. Security measures may vary, as well as clearance time. You may be able to manage your pre-paid card online, allowing you to view how much money is left on the card.

Pre-Paid Cards at Canada

At Canada you have a choice of two different pre-paid cards that are accepted as payment methods. These include Paysafe Card and Ticket Premium. If you are looking for other types of payment methods available at the Canadian casino, visit the payment methods page of the casino.

Possibly the biggest advantage of using a prepaid card casino payment option is that the instant and anonymous access that it affords players. A prepaid card is purchased at an off-site location and no personal details are necessary for usage at the online casino. This means a player can use the card for immediate play and without disclosing his or her personal identification, a benefit for players who wish to keep their gaming hobby private from others. Another benefit to prepaid cards at an online casino is the wide availability of this payment method. Cards can be purchased almost anywhere, and accepts a variety of these cards, so players are not limited to one type or a specific store. Prepaid cards can even be bought online so that players can access their favourite casino games at all times of the day or night, whenever they want to enjoy a little fun gambling. Prepaid cards also set an automatic limit to your playing, making it easy to call it quits when you've exhausted your balance. Responsible playing means walking away from the casino games when the time has come. Log onto today, your best option in online casino gaming anywhere, and gain instant access with your own prepaid cards today.