Play Classic Roulette at Mansion Casino CA

With so many online roulette variations, you can forget about the game that started it all. Classic Roulette, also known as European Roulette, is the game that has spawned many versions of this classic casino game. You can find Classic Roulette in the Mansion Casino Canada online casino game lobby, and play in Practice Mode or for real money.

Classic Roulette is a beautifully designed online roulette game, and can make you feel like you are standing at a casino, but without having to leave your home. The colours are so vivid and the animations are so smooth that the game is truly a joy to play.

How to Play Classic Roulette at Mansion Casino Canada

If you’ve never played online roulette before, then Classic Roulette is the perfect game to start with. On the roulette wheel are 36 red and black pockets, numbered 1-36, and a single green 0 pocket. To place a bet, you just have to click on the chips that are lined up on your screen and then place them on the betting board, covering the bet you want to lay.

There are many different betting options and each one has a different payout, depending on the odds. Some of the more popular bets are to bet on a colour, either red or black, pick a specific number or numbers, you can bet on a whole row of numbers, or a neighborhood bet - which means your lucky number and the numbers surrounding it.

Once you click on the spin button the ball will be placed in the roulette wheel and all new bets are closed. You can track which numbers, and which colours, have won recently by checking out the recent results box on the right-hand side of the board.

Win Real Money Playing Classic Roulette at Mansion Casino Canada Today

There are few things more exciting in an online casino game than watching as the ball starts bouncing around pockets before coming to rest in what is hopefully your winning a number. In order to gain the complete appreciation for the game, you’ll need to play for real money, so you can keep your winnings. Open an account today, and receive a Welcome Bonus of up to $5000.