Play Rocky Slots Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Rocky Balboa is an American icon, an idol that people across the decades have looked to as support and encouragement to keep going even when the chips are down and the going gets tough. He’s a down and out fighter who is able to pick himself back up and give his all one last time, and you know what, the Italian Stallion turns out to be the greatest champion of them all! Want to be a winner too? Then join Mansion Casino Canada online casino today, and start winning all the time!

Play Rocky Slots Online

Rocky Slots Symbols

The Rocky slots have a lot going for them, and the least of which is not a terrific theme to build off of. The designers certainly went wild with the American theme here, using the stars and stripes to spell out the boxing champ’s name as some of the icons. There are also all the usual characters that you would expect to find like all the competing fighters; Evers, Drago, and Creed. There is Adrian standing delightfully in her red beret and her buddy in the corner.

Rocky Slots Extras

Then there is the wild symbol; the boxer standing at the ready. Add him into the mix whenever you are short an icon for a win. The Rocky logo is your scatter symbol, and three of these already start to pay out nicely. What’s more, you’ll e getting 15, 20 or 25 free online slots spins when you strike this symbol, and all winnings will be doubled! Are you ready to get into the ring? That’s good because the Knockout bonus round is putting you right in there, and you’ll have to go head to head with the biggest enemies you’ve ever faced in a fight yet. Get the boxing gloves on reels one and five, and this round will open up. You’ll be fighting Apollo Creed, Tony Duke Evers and Ivan Drago in the match to end all matches. Can you stand up to the fists of fury that will come flying at you during these rounds? If you do, you’ll be rewarded handsomely with spins, multipliers and more!

Here is another fun extra that Playtech added into these great casino games online. You can constantly find an R, an O and other letters floating about the reels randomly, but if you manage to spell out Rocky in one go, you’ll get five times the total round bet! That’s a nice little takeaway, so get playing now!