Play Streak of Luck Online Slots at Mansion Casino Canada

There are few things better than being on a winning streak. It seems like everything is going your way and you can’t do anything wrong. Get ready to cash in on that luck when you play the Streak of Luck online slot game at Mansion Casino Canada.

Play Streak of Luck Online

This online casino game is all about getting lucky. The 50 payline slot game has all the lucky symbols like a four-leaf clover, horseshoes and a lucky cat. You can also play in the Streak of Luck bonus round and, if you’re really lucky, win the progressive jackpot.

How long can your Streak of Luck last at Mansion Canada

As the name of this online slot game suggests, it’s all about putting together a winning streak when you spin the reels. Look at the right side of the reels and you’ll see the Jackpot Meter. As you start to string together back-to-back wins you’ll notice the meter stars climbing, moving closer to the ultimate goal, the progressive jackpot.

Another benefit to consistent winning, aside from all the money you can win, is the free spins you can earn. If you can win 4 consecutive spins you’ll receive 5 free games. That number will only climb as the wins continue, you can get 60 free spins after 9 consecutive wins. The 10th win will win the ultimate progressive jackpot.

The scatter symbol has a picture of dice, and can trigger the Dice Bonus Feature. This bonus feature resembles another popular online casino game – craps. Throw the dice by clicking on them and you’ll win back your initial bet multiplied by the number shown on the dice. Should you roll doubles you’ll receive an extra roll.

If the dice show the number 7 you’ll hit the Lucky 7 bonus and win 20x your bet. If you roll 7 three times in a row you’ll win 200x your initial bet. You can access the Lucky 7 bonus feature in both regular and free gameplay.

Keep Winning in the Streak of Luck Online Slot Game at Mansion Casino Canada

Can you win 10 straight online slot games? Download our casino online software or play in your browser to find out. Make sure that you have a funded account at Mansion Casino Canada in order to win money. If you haven’t done so already, deposit funds into your account and receive a Welcome Bonus of up to $5000.