Play Jacks or Better Multi-Hand Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Everybody loves a good game of online video poker, even people that really don’t know how to play. Here at our online casino, Mansion Casino Canada, we want you to have a good time and not stress about how complicated it can get. That’s why we have Jacks or Better Multi-Hand. This version is one of the easiest in the series and you should hit expert level play in just a few hands. Because of the way that the game is set up, you can start off simply and add in more lines as you get the hang of things.

What’s Special About Jacks or Better Multi-Hand

At first glance, Jacks or Better Multi-Hand may look just like the single line version in the series. Let’s take a closer look see what makes this game so much fun. When you are just starting out, you can play one line at a time. Think you are ready for a challenge? This is where things get interesting. Take a look at the button marked ‘Hands’. Now you have the ability to add in lines of play as you get more comfortable with the game. You can choose any number between one and 20 to play during any given round. As you add in hands, you increase your chances of locking in a winner on at least one line of play. All you have to do is decide how many hands to play and how much to wager on each round and we’ll handle the rest.

Jacks or Better Multi-Hand

Like other casino games online in this series, the goal in Jacks or Better Multi-Hand is to put together the best possible hand as long as it is going to be at least as good as a pair of jacks. To begin with, determine the value of your chips and then put as many as you would like to on the line (up to five chips per hand). Next, you’ll want to choose how many hands you are going to play. Now, go ahead and deal out the cards just like in any other poker game. Take a minute to study your hand and decide which cards you think are worth holding on to. Select those and you will see them appear in each hand you have activated. When you have completed this step, hit deal again and watch as the rest of the cards fill in across the table. As you win each hand, you can watch your winnings grow and if you are feeling really lucky, try the ‘Gamble’ button to try and double your winnings from each hand. Now, go ahead and play!