Play Keno Arcade Online at Mansion Casino UK

There is something about numbers that automatically and almost magnetically attracts gamblers to the screen. Whether it is the quantifiable nature of numbers or the exact opposite in that there are endless possibilities, a grid of numbers is going to quickly find itself surrounded by punters of every shape and size. That’s probably why our game of Keno is so spectacularly popular; it’s all about the numbers! In fact, you probably won’t find a game that is more centred around the standard digits system as this one. Are you obsessed with figures? Then give this one a whirl now!

Play Keno Arcade Online

All About Keno

Keno is one of our arcade games online that has been around for a long time. The simplicity itself certainly adds to its charm and popularity since gamblers don’t have to worry about a lot of complicated rules before they can start having fun. This is the kind of game that you can literally just click and dive right into! In fact, if you have about ten seconds, we can run through the entire instruction sheet for you, and then send you on your way to fun and profit in the casino games online fast track. Ready, set go!

How to Play Keno

The game of Keno is played off of an 8x10 grid of numbers (so 1-80 will appear on the grid). You click on whichever integers you find lucky, and those will get highlighted in a bright red colour. You can choose up to ten numbers. Now press Play in order to start the fun. The balls will start shooting out from the machine, and they’ll land neatly on the board, filling in the appropriate squares with their numbers in them. Each time you get a match, it is recorded. The more matches you get, the better you payout will be.

There is also a neat feature that lets you play five rounds in a row. This is great for all those fans of simplicity that we were talking to earlier. Instead of having to constantly choose new numbers for every round, you can just plug in your favourites, and then hit Play Five. The system will automatically record your entries, and these digits will be used to play out all five rounds consecutively. At the end of each round, the results are recorded in the panel to the right of the playing screen.

Ready to have some Keno fun? Then get ready to put your lucky numbers to the ultimate casino online gambling test!