All About Cash Blox

As mentioned, Cash Blox is a take off of Tetris, the computer-generated cube game that challenged you to maneuver blocks into solid lines for points. The goal is actually the same here; you want to create a solid line so that you can cash in. The only differences here are that you don’t control the blocks and you get to collect money instead of points! Here’s how to play this game at our online casino UK:

How to Play Cash Blox

  • Click on the + or – signs to select the appropriate amount for your wager. Notice that each time you alter your bet amount; the complex grid on the lower half of the left side of the screen also changes. That’s because this area is dedicated to showing you how much each winning combination will award you based on the various amounts you have wagered. If you wager more money, then, of course, you’ll also receive more money when you win.
  • Now you can just hit play to get the blocks falling. What will happen is a number of Cash Blox will start to fall down from the top of the screen, forming lines of a sort. The blocks will come down quickly, one on top of the next, creating a cascading effect and filling the board in no time.
  • Your hope is that these Cash Blox will create a complete line because that’s where the money lies. Check out that pay table we mentioned earlier to see how much a single completed line will score you.
  • Completing multiple lines will reward you with even more cash. You can possibly earn double, triple and even quadruple scores in any given round!
  • After each complete line delivers its prize, it will disappear and make way for new tiles to fill its place. This makes for more winning opportunities for you!
  • The game ends when the entire screen is filled with tiles, and there is no more room to bring new ones in. Your total earnings will be displayed on the screen, and you can click again to keep playing!