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Wondering how a simple game of Heads or Tails could possibly find it's way onto a complex arena such as the online arcade games section of our casino games online? Well, it’s truly something you’ll have to witness for yourself in order to believe! One thing is for certain, after spending a long week crunching numbers, following orders or just dealing with a whole bunch of unpleasant people, it is definitely nice to just sit back, and relax with a little simplistic gambling fun that doesn’t require an intense effort to concentrate, maneuver or plan for. Ready for some laid back betting at UK? Then flip a coin!

Heads or Tails Highlights

Heads or Tails is a computerized version of the basic action of flipping a coin and guessing its outcome. Once you add a little wager to the mix, it makes this motion even more appealing. The game opens with three chums sitting around a table at the local club. There’s golf paraphernalia around and the attire speaks of the same activity, so this seems to be an after game to cool down with. Everyone’s got their favourite lager poured before them, and the telltale coin sits at the center of the table. Now here is where things start to get interesting.

How to Play Heads or Tails

You have the choice of a lot of different variables. Firstly, you can decide how much to wager. This can be as little as .10 coins and go all the way up to a full 2 coins, so there is a wide range that will satisfy all sorts of purse sizes and punter personalities. Next up, you can decide whether you will be flipping one coin or two. This is in essence asking if you want to play a single game or a double one. This is just a personal preference. If you like things to go faster, opt for the double header. If you want to take your time and watch each of the results individually, stick to the single games. Finally, the big choice is up. Do you choose Heads or Tails? Some people prefer heads because it symbolizes the head, a leader and the forward motion of things. Others like the underdog value that comes along with the tails option. Go with your gut, and then press the flip button to start things moving.

Did you win? That’s great! Track your progress on the history bar, and keep on flipping those coins till you beat your own record!