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Everyone’s’ favourite New Jersey mob family is back. The Sopranos aren’t returning to TV anytime soon, but the popular HBO TV show is making their presence felt at the casino online. The Sopranos is a 25 payline online slot game that brings the Italian mafia right into your living room. Don’t be frightened, Tony is a nice guy deep down, and he’s going to help you try and win real money.

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Join The Family when You Play The Soprano’s at MansionCasino UK

There is nothing that Tony Soprano loved more than his family, and with the bonus features in this casino game you can rise through the ranks of the Soprano crime family.

It takes three symbols with The Sopranos logo on it to trigger this feature. Once you’re in, you’ll have to move up in ranks from soldier to Capo, to Boss and finally Family. When the feature begins you have a chance to move up in the ranks. Once a level is unlocked you’ll have the choice if you want the promotion or if you prefer to try and do better in the previous level.

The next bonus feature will test your mettle as the police raid Tony’s hideout. It can be triggered on any spin. All of a sudden, the sirens go off and you’ll have four envelopes stuffed with money to dispose of. This is a pick-and-click feature. You’ll have four hiding places and only two of them are safe from the cops. You are allowed to put more than one envelope in the same location if you think it’s a safe hiding place. Whatever isn’t confiscated by the cops is yours to keep.

All the important decisions were made at the Bada Bing club, and if you get three Bada Bing symbols on the board you’ll get invited to the next meeting. You can choose five wise guys to join the meeting for your initial payout. If Tony is happy and wants to add another member to the meeting, you’ll be rewarded with even more money. When the meeting ends, so does the feature and you’ll go back to the reels to continue regular game play

Play The Soprano’s for Real Money at MansionCasino UK

The Sopranos is the kind of online slot game that is both exciting and has very good odds at winning real money. You can try it out in Practice Mode, but don’t expect to bring home any money. For that, you’ll need to open an account and make a deposit using our secure payment methods. We’ll give you a Welcome Bonus of up to £200 that can be used to get on Tony’s good side as you spin the reels for real money.