Play Live French Roulette Online at Mansion Casino UK

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Roulette got its name, aptly so, from the spinning wheel that creates fifty percent of the game. The other fifty percent is involved in the wager aspect, and, together, the wheel and the wagers make up one of the most sought after gambling experience of the ages. Do you fancy yourself a bit of punting for a change? Then let us recommend one of the most popular and exciting versions we host; Live French Roulette. The base game itself holds tremendous potential for thrilling fun, and the live aspect adds an entirely new level of excitement to the mix. Basically, get ready to have your mind blown by this fabulous new edition to our set!

Live French Roulette Explained

French Roulette is easy to play at our live casino, but it contains elements that make it irresistible to walk away from so fast. You see, unlike a computerized wheel that allows you to stay somewhat impartial and distanced from the experience, a Live French Roulette wheel has all the aspects involved to make it very much a personal experience indeed. For starters, there are other people who can join in together with you to have fun, gambling alongside you as you go. The more impressive feature, though, is that the wheel is not a computer graphic that neatly ticks along on its own. That wheel that you see spinning before you is a real and physical wheel. How does it spin? By the force or a real and physical person! Our online casino partners with an actual club to bring you the best of all worlds, and punters everywhere are singing our praises for it.

How Live French Roulette Works

In a club that is situated on land, a beautiful croupier takes hold of the roulette wheel, and gives it a whirl. She informs you of the winning numbers, pays out winnings and collects wagers from the various players as well. Every moment that she makes is displayed on your screen, and each time you make a move, it is transmitted to her as well. This real time interaction makes playing Live French Roulette a social experience, and that is the one and only thing that online casino gambling is lacking. So now that we have combined the two, you can literally have it all and a bag of chips! With all the ends neatly tied up, the only question left is which of the many thrilling online casino games that we offer are you going to take advantage of first?