Play New AR Roulette Online at Mansion Casino UK

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If you like playing online Roulette and you’re looking for a state of the art game with the very best in graphics, animations and winning opportunities, take a look at our New AR Roulette games at Mansion Casino UK. With excellent game stability, multiple bets with massive payouts possible, and rules that are easy to learn, you’ll be at the heart of the action in no time at all, enjoying everything this premium online casino games classic has to offer. Based on standard online Roulette rules, your aim is to try and predict the outcome of a single wheel spin; place your bets – multiple bets are possible – and for every bet you predict correctly, you’ll win a payout. New AR Roulette also has two new bets that have never been used on Roulette before, which means that you benefit from an exciting new table layout also. Play these games for real money and enjoy a Welcome Bonus of up to £200 when you deposit with your debit card. Try your hand at our real money New AR Roulette games today!

How to Play New AR Roulette

To get started, you need to decide on your bet amount; use the + and – buttons to indicate your chip size, then click on the chips and add them to the betting table to place your bets. Each click will add another chip to your bet, and you can place multiple bets to increase your spread and chances of winning. You can also decrease your bet amount by holding down the Shift button on your keyboard as you click to remove one chip at a time. As soon as your bets are placed and you’re ready to play, hit the Spin button to set the New AR Roulette wheel in motion. When the wheel stops, the number that the ball bearing falls into is the winner and this determines the winning bets. You are paid automatically if you predicted correctly, with all bets containing the winning number paid out.

New AR Roulette Bets

When you play New AR Roulette, you can enjoy two additional bets that are not available on any other online Roulette game. These are the Even Red and the Odd Black bets; with these new combinations paying out at 3:1. To make your bet, place your chips on the allocated spot on the New AR Roulette betting table. Other bets you can make include all standard online Roulette bets including single number bets (paying 35-1) colours, odds/even, and high/low (even money), Split Bet (paying at 17-1) and Corner Bet (a bet on four numbers paying at 8-1).